How we get rid of varicose veins – Healthy lifestyle method

How we get rid of varicose veins – Healthy lifestyle method

Varicose veins are one of the most widespread diseases in the world, being found in over half the adult population, regardless of gender or age.

Varicose veins are a complex medical condition, with numerous risk factors and reductions in complications. Unfortunately, varicose veins are perceived to be a banal thing that can easily be treated in one’s own home or, worse, completely ignored. Few know that those bluish vagrants who appear on legs can cause open-sided injuries (ulcers) in the calf or blood clots (thrombi) that can cause pulmonary embolism.

Varicose veins are often ignored because the disease has a rather slow progression. Venous circulation is affected by prolonged standing hours, footwear and clothing that don’t offer comfort or exposure to heat.

Once it is left to evolve, the disease also affects the surrounding tissues, so the correct treatment applied from the first signs is very important.

In a simple search on Google, anyone can find dozens of possible treatments for varicose veins, but few are the cases where they are really useful and sometimes they can even become harmful to the patient.

Natural therapies or modern treatments?

Herbal therapies are among the first treatment options worldwide. This can be explained either by the desire to avoid a doctor’s visit or the desire to adopt a so-called healthy lifestyle. The most sought after solutions are the least expensive, with handy ingredients you can find in any household: garlic, cherry, blueberries, currants or blackberries. Vitamin C is indicated for the integrity of the vein walls, and Vitamin E can have beneficial effects for the circulation.

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