Finding the Sleep “Sweet Spot” Allows Maintaining Brain Health at Good Level

Finding the Sleep “Sweet Spot” Allows Maintaining Brain Health at Good Level

Getting enough sleep at night is extremely important for our health, although unfortunately, a lot of people are neglecting this aspect.

Since surely there is a lot to benefit from getting a good night’s sleep, a new study that CNN writes about brings even more interesting news. It says that keeping the brain healthy is possible through getting between six to eight hours of good quality sleep for most nights.

Dr. Brendan Lucey, a co-author of the new study, declared as quoted by CNN:

Our study suggests that there is a middle range, or ‘sweet spot,’ for total sleep time where cognitive performance was stable over time.

One hundred older adults were analyzed for the new study, and they were tested for signs of early Alzheimer’s disease as well as for other forms of cognitive decline.

Sleeping less than five and a half hours is bad for cognitive performance

The new study also says that if somebody sleeps less than five and a half hours, the cognitive performance will also decrease.

Dr. David Holtzman, who is a scientific director at the Hope Center for Neurological Disorders from Washington University School of Medicine, declared as also quoted by CNN:

Not only those with short amounts of sleep but also those with long amounts of sleep had more cognitive decline,
It suggests that sleep quality may be key, as opposed to simply total sleep.

According to, there are some scary things that can happen during sleep. Sleep paralysis, dream-like hallucinations, sleep eating, and the exploding heat syndrome are all among them.

It’s obvious that neglecting sleep is no option to consider. And since we only live once, we should be as careful as possible.

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