Feeling Exhausted All the Time? Get Rid of These Bad Habits ASAP

Feeling Exhausted All the Time? Get Rid of These Bad Habits ASAP

There are a lot of folks out there who feel tired pretty much all the time, even after having some good sleep. The reasons could be endless: anemia, depression, chronic kidney disease, lung disease, liver disease, a viral or bacterial infection, and so on.

But sometimes, your own conscious decisions could be to blame if you’re feeling tired all the time. Huffpost.com reveals a list of 12 habits that may be exhausting us without our will nor our knowledge:

  • Watching emotionally charged TV shows
  • Waiting too long until and after you eat
  • Working at a desk that’s messy
  • Making plans too far in advance
  • Keeping too many tabs open
  • Taking calls immediately
  • Having too many interruptions from work
  • Slouching
  • Not breathing correctly
  • Allowing for small tasks to pile up
  • Being exposed to bright lights at night
  • Not tweaking advice to suit your lifestyle and personality

Luckily, there are plenty of fixes for all these problems. You can avoid emotionally charged TV shows and plan to see others instead. You can close those tabs that you don’t really need. You can start dimming those lights as soon as the sun sets. You can take some deep breaths once every few hours in order to feel regenerated. You can have a correct and relaxing posture in bed while you’re sleeping. You can arrange the items from your desk and clean the surface. You can avoid long breaks between meals. You can avoid procrastinating for work and all of the things that could distract you from finishing your tasks on time (well, except for the really urgent ones).

Many of us have periods when we feel tired for entire days regardless of what we do. Feel free to share your own experiences with us, as well as your ways of overcoming them.

Cristian Antonescu

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