The Fattest Man in the World has Undergone a Second Op

The Fattest Man in the World has Undergone a Second Op

Juan Pedro Franco is the man who was once the fattest man in the world. He managed to weigh 93 pounds, but thanks to operations, he lost some of that weight. However, the process is not over yet, and Franco had its second surgery recently.

Franco’s story

The 33-year old man once managed to weigh in at 93 stones. This weight is amazing, since it is the same one that black rhinos and polar bears have. Last year, he began this weight loss process, and, so far things look really good since he already managed to lose 36 stone.

This operation was a key hole one, and something similar took place in May. Basically, Franco’s stomach is the one that undergoes certain changes, since it is modified to become smaller than it normally is. Additionally, a section of his intestines is removed.

“Initially we didn’t think he was going to be apt for this treatment because of his level of obesity and a lung problem he suffers, but now we’re seeing a more promising horizon,” Dr Cruz explained.

Reaching his goal

Franco has not walked at all in the past seven years, and one of his dreams is to become able to do it again. The patient aims to get to 18 stone, and his second surgery went great. Jose Antonio Castaneda, one of the surgeons that cares for Franco, declared that “Juan Pedro did very well in this surgery. We are very optimistic.”

The surgeon also explained that Franco should be able to stop taking drugs for high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, which is another personal victory for the patient. “I am more nervous this time, but I know the surgery is a priority. I am getting closer and closer to having a healthy weight,” Franco declared before this operation.


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