Do You Have Brain Fog? Everything You Should Know About It

Do You Have Brain Fog? Everything You Should Know About It

Did you know that brain fog is a peculiar and weakening syndrome that can severely affect your health and lifestyle? Brain fog is also a frequent symptom of “long Covid-19.”

But the coronavirus isn’t the only cause of this syndrome. Should we worry?

We’ve compiled a list of sure signs of brain fog. Here is what you need to know. 

Remember to discuss with a doctor if any of the following signs bother you.

Lagged Thinking

Brain fog may sometimes feel like mind sludge. How so?

For example, many people who recover from mild or moderate Covid-19 reported lagged thinking. A feeling that could be highly annoying yet confusing.

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Harder to Find the Right Words

People who suffer from brain fog may have trouble with word-finding. Imagine how hard that could be. Deficits in these areas can be really frustrating!

Remember that talking with a specialist about it could help you a lot.

Can’t Concentrate Anymore

Some people dealing with brain fog report not being able anymore to concentrate on work or even one of the simplest tasks. Such a thing has also been associated with common post-COVID symptoms.

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Memory Loss

Researchers linked memory loss to Covid-19 symptoms, and now they’re trying to find more proof.

One 28-year-old told Medium:

“For a while, I couldn’t think of really basic words or definitions. I went weeks without talking to anybody because it was too much work.”

Failed Multitasking

Another common symptom of brain fog is feeling like you can take it anymore, being overwhelmed by even the easiest tasks.

However, researchers said there’s good news because they didn’t have enough evidence that this brain fog is permanent. Dr. Alexander Merkler is an assistant attending neurologist at New York Presbyterian/ Weill Cornell Medical Center. He explained:

“[…] we can be cautiously optimistic in the hopes that it will resolve and you would go back to normal.”

He also recommended that people should focus on a healthy lifestyle, get regular exercise, and slowly resume their routines.


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