Do You Feel Sad Or Nervous After Sex? Postcoital Dysphoria Also Affects Men

Do You Feel Sad Or Nervous After Sex? Postcoital Dysphoria Also Affects Men

The general opinion is that men always have the desire of having sex and they enjoy the intercourse every time. However, a recent study is challenging this notion, as the researchers found out that a common condition in women, postcoital dysphoria, also affects men and cause them to feel sad or nervous after sex.

The new research, issued in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy journal, discovered that the condition of postcoital dysphoria, which commonly affects women, can also cause men to feel nervous, sad, and irritable after sexual intercourse.

The researchers from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), in Australia, who carried out the new study, are the first ones in the world to observe that postcoital dysphoria condition is also affecting men all over the world.

“The study breaks down the results of an international, anonymous online survey of 1,208 men from Australia, the USA, the UK, Russia, New Zealand, Germany, and elsewhere,” as reported by Joel Maczkowiack, one of the study’s authors.

Postcoital dysphoria also affects men, making them feel sad and nervous after sex

According to the study’s results, more than 40% of the respondents reported that they experienced postcoital dysphoria episodes during their lifetime, while only 4% of them is suffering from this condition on a regular basis.

According to Joel Maczkowiack, the answers of those who experienced feelings of sadness and irritability after having sex ranged from “I don’t want to be touched and want to be left alone” and “I feel unsatisfied, annoyed and very fidgety – All I really want is to leave and distract myself from everything I participated in.”

Also, as explained by Professor Robert Schweitzer from QUT’s School of Psychology and Counselling, this study’s results prove that the men’s sexual experiences are varied and complex, and not as straightforward as many people usually think.

The study also found out that, contrary to the general believe regarding postcoital dysphoria, some men perceived the condition’s symptoms positively.

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