The Devastating Effects Of Sadness Over The Body

The Devastating Effects Of Sadness Over The Body

According to a recent study, every time we get upset we alter the levels of stress-related substances in the brain. These, in turn, can lead to increased inflammatory proteins in the blood. This high level is associated with heart disease, stroke and metabolic syndrome.

Immunity Problems

Also, being sad can affect the immune system. And a low immune system means a higher risk of infections in the body. So you are more prone to a respiratory infection or another type of infection in your body. People who have weakened immunity need more time to heal if they get sick.

Sadness gives headaches

Even if sadness is not like depression, it affects all the functions of the body. Also, some people may change their appetite, which means they have a higher risk of obesity. Obesity may favor diseases such as diabetes, arterial hypertension, and other heart conditions.

In contrast, other people may decrease appetite considerably. Another problem that may arise from getting upset is a stomach ache.

Another bad news scientists have is that a long period of being sad can lead to increased cortisol levels. This is associated with increased blood sugar, high blood pressure, and insomnia.



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