Contraceptive Pills For Men Will Become A Reality As The Trials Revealed Positive Results

Contraceptive Pills For Men Will Become A Reality As The Trials Revealed Positive Results

Contraceptive pills for men can become a reality as the trials revealed positive results and showed that the pills are safe, according to the scientists who developed them.

In a survey, men have answered that they would prefer a contraceptive pill instead of gels and injectable substances. However, scientists are developing those types of male contraceptive methods, as well.

The brand-new innovative contraceptive pill for men contains DMAU (dimethandrolone undecanoate) and is made of a mixture of hormones, such as progestin and testosterone, and works similarly to the contraceptive pills for women.

“DMAU is a major step forward in the development of a once-daily male pill,” explained the study’s leading author, Dr. Stephanie Page from the University of Washington, in Seattle, in the US.

The journey of creating such a pill has not been free of challenges that puzzled the scientists but they have managed to pass over them and to reach the point at which they were able to produce 100% working and safe contraceptive pills for men.

The contraceptive pills for men have already been tested on 100 men

The researchers conducted a trial on 100 men, of between 18 and 53 years old. Until now, only 83 of them have reached 1-month of cure and the results revealed to be very optimistic.

According to the scientists, they’ve tested different recipes and doses of the contraceptive pills for men and even grouped some of the participants in a placebo control group. The researchers have discovered that a 400 mg dose of DMAU is enough to lower the male hormones involved in sperm production without affecting the sex drive.

“Despite having low levels of circulating testosterone, very few subjects reported symptoms consistent with testosterone deficiency or excess,” Stephanie Page explained.

On the other hand, DMAU contraceptive pills for men pose for weight gain and may also decrease the good cholesterol (HDL) blood levels. However, the trials have been considered successful and further clinical studies will be conducted but the contraceptive pills for men could emerge on the market soon.


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