Best Natural Remedies For A Stronger Immunity

Best Natural Remedies For A Stronger Immunity

With autumn coming, our bodies become more vulnerable. We need to adapt to temperature changes. Healthy, balanced and diversified nutrition is the main secret to get rid of seasonal illnesses.

Calf liver fights against infection
Studies reveal that zinc works effectively against infections. Chicken or turkey meat, seafood, tuna, calf liver and oatmeal are foods rich in zinc, which you should not miss out on in the daily diet.

Ginger against the cold
Ginger root is ideal for preventing and fighting seasonal colds. It is good when you suffer from a sore throat and coughing, favoring expectoration and accelerating healing. Add a little ginger root over the fish in the oven, mix it in sauces and garnets.

Garlic is nature’s antibiotic
Garlic contains sulfur-containing compounds, such as allicin, to strengthen the immune system. It is considered to be a natural antibiotic. It is consumed raw or macerated in olive oil. Its active molecules are released when the garlic is crushed. It is recommended to consume 6 garlic cloves per week.


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