Best Bath Time Baby Products To Protect Your Baby’s Skin

Best Bath Time Baby Products To Protect Your Baby’s Skin

If you are looking for some delicious-smelling but also safe wash products for your baby, the good news is that there’s no shortage of such products!

There are even body wash and shampoo combos to make your life much easier but that is not to say that picking the perfect products for bath time with your little one is not a whole process.

First of all, both of you should enjoy the smell of course but what is even more important is that the ingredients used are baby safe so that your offspring remains safe and sound.

It sounds clear enough but you may still appreciate some guidance.

That being said, here is how to choose shampoo and body wash for your bundle of joy!

Credit: Unsplash/lubomirkin
Credit: Unsplash/lubomirkin

Keep in mind that there are three main things to consider when it comes to protecting your little one’s skin and eyes from any harsh chemicals.

  1. Reading the ingredient list on a shampoo bottle can make you feel like you’re in chemistry class but it is not that hard once you know what to look out for. That being said, just keep in mind that phthalates, parabens and sulfates have the potential to irritate your baby’s sensitive skin since they are usually found in adult body washes and shampoos. As a result, it’s better to stick to products specifically made for babies or for sensitive skin. Other ingredients you should avoid are: niacinamide, glycerin, ceramides, and alcohol.
  2. Added fragrances smell great, of course, but they can also be cause for concern as they have the potential to make your little one’s skin really dry and even irritated. Even brands that use botanical extracts and essential oils, which are natural, can also affect sensitive skin negatively. A good rule of thumb is to test a tiny amount of product on your baby’s skin before actually using it during bath time.
  3. Speaking of, to make bathing your little one more enjoyable for everyone involved, make sure you purchase a ‘tear-free’ product that can protect their eyes from uncomfortable burning and a lot of crying if suds happen to get in there. Of course, if whatever you use is great but does not specify it’s “tear free,” just make sure to be extra careful around their eyes and everything will be just fine! Just like in the case of scented products, you don’t have to completely avoid them but just keep in mind that you need to be extra careful when using them.

All that being said, even if you make sure to follow all tips, you’ll still find that these days, the options are endless, which is why it can be overwhelming to shop for such a product like body wash, shampoo or soap for your bundle of joy.

As a result, we have made things a little easier for you by also compiling some of the best bathing products for babies on the market, all in the same place, in no particular order.

With such a great variety of high-quality and safe options featured in no particular order, you’re bound to find exactly what you are looking for!

The Honest Company Bubble Bath, Lavender

The first product on our list is hypoallergenic, moisturizing and soothing to your little one’s skin so you don’t have to worry about it being safe and pleasant! Not to mention, the delicate lavender scent smells heavenly!

Not only that but The Honest Company Bubble Bath features a tear-free formula as well so no more crying during bath time!

It is made with naturally derived ingredients and dermatologist tested so you can trust it completely.

 Aveeno Baby Mommy & Me Daily Bathtime Gift Set – Baby Wash & Shampoo, Baby Bath & Wash, Baby Lotion, Body Wash for Mom

The Aveeno Baby Mommy and Me Daily Bathtime Gift Set features a shampoo and a body wash as well as moisturizing body lotion for your bundle of joy!

However, what makes this set even more attractive is the fact that there is a fourth product meant for the parent – a stress relief body wash!

That’s right! This brand thought of everything when creating this set to the point that you can gift it to any new parent in your life and they are sure to appreciate it!

After all, it even comes in a super convenient, reusable wicker basket where you can keep all four bath time products.

The shampoo is tear-free and hypoallergenic and manages to clean the baby’s hair without any damage.

Furthermore, the daily moisture wash is delicate with their skin and will ensure that it does not get dry after bath time even if you use it every day!

This is because it’s hypoallergenic, fragrance free and clinically tested.

The bath wash, just like the shampoo, is also tear-free and features soothing lavender and vanilla scents that are specifically picked to relax your little one before bedtime, ensuring that they have a great, restful sleep.

As mentioned before, this set’s most attractive point is probably the 12 fl ounce bottle of stress relief body wash made for the baby’s primary caretaker.

It features natural colloidal oatmeal and scents of chamomile, lavender and ylang-ylang oils, all of which are not only super relaxing but also really gentle, being ideal even if you have sensitive skin.

Johnson’s Bath Discovery Gift Set for Parents-to-Be, Skin Care Essentials, Bath Kit Includes Baby Body Wash, Shampoo, Wipes, Lotion & Diaper Rash Cream

The Johnson’s Bath Discovery Baby Gift Set features bath essentials in a reusable bath caddy that is not only super cute but also practical.

The gift set is designed to make bath time as fun as possible for you and your baby.

It comes with everything you need to clean and also protect your little one’s sensitive skin, including tear-free shampoo and body wash, baby lotion, hand and face wipes, diaper rash cream and cotton safety swabs.

Furthermore, you’ll be pleased to learn that all products from this brand either meet or exceed all internationally recognized standards.

They are also free of phthalates, dyes, parabens and hypoallergenic.

The formulas are tested by pediatricians and made specifically for babies’ sensitive skin, being super gentle and suitable even for daily use.

This is actually considered the number 1 skincare brand for babies internationally and the set can be a great baby shower gift for any new parents you know as well.

 A ‘Soy’ Awesome Shampoo

This baby shampoo is plant based, containing soy proteins which are natural moisturizers that are filled with a lot of vitamin B as well as essential minerals.

This product does not feature any parabens, phthalates, and sodium lauryl sulfate, which means that it is completely natural and safe to use.

Not to mention that it is sure to make your little one smell as sweet as honey!

Cetaphil Baby Shampoo and Body Wash with Organic Calendula

The Cetaphil Baby Shampoo and Body Wash with Organic Calendula is super safe and gentle even with the most sensitive skin types so you can rest assured your baby will have a fun bath time!

This is because it features calendula flower extract, which is a natural calming and anti-inflammatory agent, something that will really made a difference if, for instance, your little one has eczema and other such rashes.

Finally, you’ll really love the rich and thick formula.

Noodle & Boo Newborn 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash

The Noodle & Boo Newborn 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash is ideal if your baby has dry or dull hair due to the fact that it contains vitamins B and E as well as protein, which are really great for achieving shiny, healthy looking hair.

Just something to keep in mind is that this product features a rather strong fragrance, which may or may not be a problem depending on the person.

Some buyers who reviewed it on Amazon described it as the classic “baby” scent so if you have a sensitive nose, pick another option.

Baby Bum Shampoo & Wash

The Baby Bum Shampoo & Wash is a super foamy cleanser that contains coconut oil, sea minerals, aloe, banana and white ginger, all ingredients that contribute to increasing the nourishment power of this product, in addition to achieving its tropical scent.

Of course, you will also be pleased to learn that the formula is hypoallergenic, tear free and tested by expert dermatologists.

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Wash & Shampoo

Another great option for you and your bundle of joy, this brand is often recommended by dermatologists so you know you can trust it!

For instance, the director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City, Joshua Zeichner, MD, says that “Aveeno baby wash and shampoo contains ultra-gentle cleansing ingredients along with colloidal oatmeal. Colloidal oatmeal is a skin protectant, which hydrates, soothes, and calms the skin.”

Eucerin Baby Wash & Shampoo

If you want one product that can basically do it all to make your life easier, the Eucerin Baby Wash & Shampoo might just be what you have been looking for.

This is because it is a two-in-one formula you can use to clean your baby’s skin and hair.

It contains nourishing ingredients that can not only clean but also moisturize your little one’s sensitive skin.

More precisely, one of the ingredients is panthenol, which has a soothing effect.

There is also shea butter which you might know is efficient in softening and hydrating the outer layer of the skin.

CeraVe Baby Wash & Shampoo

The CeraVe Baby Wash & Shampoo is also a two-in-one product that also contains one-third of lotion.

This means that it is able to provide some extra hydration to babies that have eczema and other rashes.

It does not contain any harsh chemicals such as artificial dyes, including parabens, phthalates, and sulfates and it is fragrance free!

Baby Dove Derma Care Soothing Wash

The Baby Dove Derma Care Soothing Wash is another tear-free option, and it is the ideal product if your little one is a newborn!

The reason is that the formula is made with the extra-sensitive skin of newborns in life!

The colloidal oatmeal is able to avoid dry skin and eczema without causing any more irritation.

It contains 100 per cent natural ingredients and is parabens, sulfates, phthalates and fragrance free!

Not only that but, even the packaging is eco-friendly!

Mustela Baby 2 in 1 Cleansing Gel

The Mustela Baby 2 in 1 Cleansing Gel is designed to clean both the body and the hair, making your job as a parent a lot more straightforward while also providing your baby’s bath time with everything they need.

It is hypoallergenic, delicate on your baby’s sensitive skin and formulated with plant-based biodegradable ingredients.

Furthermore, even though it is not actually marketed as a product able to get rid of baby acne, many happy buyers swear it’s a bonus they were pleased to discover!

Of course, you may be aware that baby acne tends to go away after a month or two but before that actually happens, a cleanser like this one can make a huge difference.

Out of Africa Shea Baby Bar Soap, Unscented

Even with so many options on the market, sometimes parents would rather just use a bar of soap during bath time with their little ones.

However, if you are one of them, just make sure to buy a bar of soap that is specifically made for babies’ sensitive skin.

That being said, the Out of Africa Shea Baby Bar Soap is a great option for you due to the fact that it’s unscented and made out of pure shea butter which means it is filled with vitamins A, E and F.

All of this and more makes this soap an ideal product for your bundle of joy, especially if they struggle with diaper rash or eczema.

Lafe’s Baby Foaming Shampoo & Wash

The Lafe’s Baby Foaming Shampoo & Wash is one of the best choices for anyone who tries to always use organic products only, especially when it comes to your offspring.

As the name also suggests, this product is supposed to create some great foam for bath time but remains unscented, only producing a clean, soap-like smell.

It also does not contain any artificial dyes or preservatives and it’s super hydrating thanks to the ingredients that include coconut, sunflower seeds and palm oil.

Dr. Bronner’s – Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

Another all in one option, Dr. Bronner’s – Pure-Castile Liquid Soap is organic, unscented and has no less than 18 different uses!

That’s right! This is a product specifically designed to perform perfectly in any situation, allowing you to choose its use such as washing the dishes or using it instead of laundry detergent.

That being said, it’s a great option if you’re looking for something to use on your baby during bath time as well.

The reason why it works so well and it’s safe for baby skin is that it features twice the olive oil quantity when compared to its original formula which means that it’s going to keep your little one moisturized and protected.

Furthermore, all the ingredients are fair trade, biodegradable and organic so it’s perfect for parents who are interested in protecting the climate.

The only thing you need to keep in mind and be very careful about is the fact that it is not tear free so make sure to protect your little one’s eyes as much as possible while bathing them.

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