Annual Leave: Why You Need It as an Employee

Annual Leave: Why You Need It as an Employee

You might believe that it’s a strong virtue to work up until late at night hours and for six days a week. Surely, that’s not a bad idea if you get paid enough, but guess what? We’re all humans, which means that we need to take some breaks from time to time. But small breaks of just a few hours aren’t enough. Our brains need a ‘restart’ at least once a year, which is why the whole concept of annual leave was implemented.

In case you’re still not convinced that you need an annual leave, we’re here to shed some light for you. Annual leave implies getting paid at the same time, which means that if your boss has “forgotten” to assure one for you, you should ask him imperatively for one.

Why an annual leave is necessary

Here are the reasons why you, as an employee, must take an annual leave:

  • Rest and relaxation: if you take breaks from work, you will obviously have more time to rest, relax, and ‘recharge your batteries.’ Therefore, you’ll deal with less stress and burnout, which are two of the most predominant issues among employees worldwide these days. Furthermore, breaks from work will improve the overall mental and physical well-being.
  • Teambuilding: When an employee gets his annual leave, the teams will have to find a way to plan their tasks around his absence. Such situations will automatically foster teamwork, as well as cross-training. Furthermore, smoother transitions when team members take some time off will also occur.
  • Work-life balance: When choosing an annual leave, the employees will have the occasion to spend more time with family and friends, as well as pursue their personal hobbies and interests. Therefore, they’ll have more chances to take care of their physical and mental health. A happy employee will automatically be a more productive one, and what else makes you more happy in life than spending time with your loved ones?
  • Better productivity: When you return to work after an annual leave, you’ll be more productive. You’ll naturally feel refreshed and motivated, and you’ll have a clearer perspective on the tasks.
  • Boost for workplace morale: It’s not necessary to be the reincarnation of Einstein to realize that when employees benefit from an annual leave, workplace morale will face a significant boost. All the employees will feel valued and appreciated, which means that they’ll be part of a more positive work environment.
  • Less absenteeism: Stress and burnout are quite common among employees worldwide, which means that if they don’t benefit from an annual leave, it will be just a matter of time until such issues will kick in. Stress can even lead to more physical and dangerous problems regarding the individual’s health, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and obesity.
  • Employee retention: If the organization you work for values your well-being and offers benefits such as paid time off, you start to appreciate it, right?

It’s obvious that annual leave is essential when it comes to the well-being of employees. Furthermore, the productivity of business, as well as compliance with legal requirements, will also benefit.

Did you know that 89% of employees said they’ve gone through burnout in the past year? Furthermore, more than half of workers reported feeling burnout daily or weekly.


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