Alcohol-Free Drinks You Should Try

Alcohol-Free Drinks You Should Try

When done in moderation, drinking is one of many enjoyable activities for adults. Not only is it entertaining, but it is also calming and tasty. If you want to go out with friends but want to stay away from the glass, these days there are endless non-alcoholic alternatives to choose from that taste just like the real deal.

There is a common assumption that no alcohol means no good times, but today, partying and having a great time without alcohol is possible. These alcohol-free drinks have the same taste and appearance as their alcoholic counterparts and will help you enjoy a night out with your friends the same as if you were drinking alcohol.

Non-alcoholic wine

If you’re out with friends but you’re the one driving, it’s only normal that you will not drink any alcohol. But if you’re a wine enthusiast and don’t want to drink a smoothie-like mocktail or a glass of juice, there is an amazing alternative for you. Alcohol free wine made by high-end wineries will provide you with the taste you’re looking for, without getting you even dizzy.

Alcohol-free wine has a taste that is similar to that of real one, but in certain cases, you can easily sense the other components used in it. You may sense the different smell or the little juicy flavor in the aftertaste, but that shouldn’t be much of a problem since for the best part it does have the alcoholic taste regular wine has due to fermentation.

There is now a large selection of high-quality non-alcoholic wines. You can try out a few to find which ones taste the best for you. Sauvignon, Burgundy, Pinot, Cabernet, and even Sangria – there is a non-alcoholic wine for everyone’s taste. No matter why you chose to stay away from alcohol, these quality alternatives will prove that you’re not missing out on anything with that decision.

Alcohol-free beer

Water, yeast, barley, and hops are used while making the majority of non-alcoholic beers, as they have been used in the brewing process of real beer for a thousand years. As a result, most alcohol-free beers taste nearly identical to alcoholic beers, allowing you to enjoy a night out with friends, drinking your favorite beer without getting drunk.

Alcohol-free beer can help you drink fewer standard drinks per week, take a break from alcohol, go on a diet, or entirely give up drinking. Dealcoholized beers often have fewer calories than regular beers while light beers generally have a smaller alcohol percentage and fewer carbs and calories. It’s also a convenient method to take a break from drinking without resorting to carbonated sugary drinks on a night out.

Since your body links the taste and aroma of real beer with non-alcoholic beer, it is a good substitute for alcoholic beverages. This causes it to create dopamine, which is the same hormone that makes us feel good after drinking alcohol. Non-alcoholic beer provides the same sense of satisfaction which means that you get a few of the benefits of alcohol without the drawbacks.

Dealcoholized spirits

If you like to go out with your friends for a hard-liquor drink but decide to abstain from alcohol for some time, this is where the new type of drink comes in. With drinks that have the flavor and richness of spirits but none of the alcohol. There are many high-quality non-alcoholic spirits to choose from. There is a drink for everyone’s taste, from vodka to whiskey and gin.

These alcohol-free spirits are often made using similar processes as the real deal such as fermentation, which most often than not is the action that gives the beverage the alcoholic scent. Non-alcoholic spirits are great for you if you like the hard-liquor taste, but don’t want to get drunk or consume alcohol.

Non-alcoholic spirits, when added into mocktails will make the drink taste almost genuine. Instead of drinking juicy mocktails, get yourself a bottle of non-alcoholic spirit and make some tasty mock margaritas that taste the same as the real ones.

Final thoughts

Whatever your reason for abstaining from alcohol, you need to know that you can still taste your drink of choice without stressing about the amount of alcohol in it. The best thing about non-alcoholic versions of your favorite drinks is that they taste exactly like real alcoholic beverages.

It’s never been simpler to cleanse your body after a season of heavy holiday celebrations or to vow to abstain from alcohol for good. Alternatively, thanks to an ever-expanding and increasing assortment of dealcoholized spirits, beer, wine, and pre-made mocktails, you can drink consequence-free.


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