Adrenaline and the benefit implications not many know about

Adrenaline and the benefit implications not many know about


Adrenaline is a neuro-chemical that is released in the body in certain situations. By definition, adrenaline is a direct response to stress which might bring forth some negative connotations. Of course, no one wants to be stressed, right? Stress is a feeling that no one wants to experience any more than it is necessary. However, throughout the evolution of man, stress has proven to be one of the most (if not the most) empowering factor that has helped the human race evolve as it did. Stress makes you keep your guard up and stress forces you to evolve and adapt to situations. And with stress, comes adrenaline which helps you in doing so. There are also some medical benefits that come with adrenaline which most people don’t know about. Let’s take a look at what causes adrenaline and how it can help the human body.

What causes adrenaline?

Getting scared

Adrenaline is released when you are scared as a natural way of preparing for what’s to come. This energy boost which comes with an adrenaline rush is the body’s way of preparing you for the danger that you think you might be about to face although you don’t know what it is.

Taking risks

If you try something for the first time, especially if you’re unsure about it, you will probably get an adrenaline rush. Doing risky things will definitely trigger your adrenaline. As a good example, if you place a big bet on the online roulette, you will feel energized and your heart rate will increase because your brain sends a signal to your body that you are in the middle of an important situation. Same if you go sky diving or climbing a mountain, all of these can trigger an adrenaline rush because you’re in an environment that you’ve never been in before and you don’t specifically know the outcome, which frightens you a bit but also gives you a rush.

Being into something

When you’re doing something that really attracts you, you might get an adrenaline rush. Playing a game you really like, or doing something that has a fast pace and invites action will stimulate your body to release an adrenaline rush just the same.

How is adrenaline beneficial?

Boosting immunity

Being under constant stress is by no means good for your immune system, quite the contrary. However, in small doses it can be benefic and actually strengthen your immune system which is pretty neat. You can bolster your natural defenses with quick jolts of energy coming from adrenaline rushes.

Natural performance enhancers

It’s not allowed to use performance enhancing drugs before a sporting event for example, but what about the body’s natural version? Performing in competitions and under the scrutiny of the crowd can make the body give you a shot of adrenaline which will enhance your performance, giving you more energy and boosting your capabilities. Too much of it however and performance can go downhill. Unfortunately people can’t really manage their adrenaline levels so it’s pretty much a manner of not getting too excited but just enough to get you super focused.


Not having any is really bad and makes it really hard to do a lot of things. Adrenaline can change that and alongside the shot of energy also serve you up with a nice dose of morale. When the chemicals are released into your body, you will let you venture outside your comfort zone with ease and do things you would have never thought you could do.


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