6 Health Benefits of Hugging and Cuddling

6 Health Benefits of Hugging and Cuddling

Everybody loves cuddling, but did you know that it actually has a lot of health benefits? When kissing, hugging or cuddling, a hormone named oxytocin is released in our bodies that has some amazing effects on our health and mood. Why spend money on antidepressives and risk your health with risky treatment when a simple embrace can fix your anxiety? If you’re not a big cuddler, here are the things that you’re missing on. It might change the way you’re seeing your relationship too.

Amazing effects on immunity

While stressful activities are lowering our immune system, hugging and cuddling come to the rescue by decreasing the chances of getting sick. It’s not recommended to go around and randomly hug people after you caught a virus, but this doesn’t mean that a hug from your loved one won’t help you heal faster.

Relieving stress and pain

Aren’t we all feeling better after a massage or just a back rub when something hurts? The touch of a loved one increases the levels of “love hormones” such as dopamine that are responsible for making us feel happy.

Feeling better

Whenever we’re sad or feeling sick, a cuddle and hug always help, right? It’s not all in your head, it’s scientifically proved that cuddling can change your mood in just a few minutes.

No more insomnia

Scientists discovered that couples who are cuddling sleep better and longer. Getting a good night’s sleep also improves your health and lowers the effects of stress.

It reduces anxiety

Hugging someone also reduces anxiety by making you feel a lot more positive and happy. In bigger groups of people, friends who hug each other tend to have more productive relationships.

Healthy heart

Because it reduces the levels of stress and releases “happy” hormones, cuddling also lowers the risk of having a heart disease.



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