5 Smart Ways To Try If You Want To Quit Smoking

5 Smart Ways To Try If You Want To Quit Smoking

Worldwide there are smokers that tried to quit this unhealthy habit but had no success in doing so. Statistics show that the number of smokers has decreased over the years but smoking is still something we see in our culture. Out of those numbers, CDC has found 17% of them to be young adults.

The people who have tried to quit and didn’t succeed were let down by all the yoga or sports they practiced, and still though of smoking a cigarette after their efforts. Then they tried with nicotine patches or nicotine lozenges, but when they couldn’t afford to continue the treatment, they went back to smoking.

These methods might work for you or not, all you need is confidence and power of will. Keep in mind that other smokers have tried to quit at least 6 times in their lives and maybe after the 10th or 20th try, they managed to do it.

These Tips Will Help You Quit Smoking

Try To Chew Gum

Chew some regular gum, not the one which contains nicotine. The Harvard School of Public Health conducted a study on 787 people who quit smoking in 6 years. The ones who used nicotine replacement products were more likely to start smoking again. So you need to chew some gum when you feel the need of smoking. Or drink a little water every time you feel like smoking.

The Apps will help You Too

There’s an app for everything. This one will track how many cigarettes you didn’t smoke since you set the day you quit, and it will calculate the money you saved by not smoking. Or you can also download a game to keep distracted and keep your hands and mind busy too.

Spend Time with Kids

Hang out with people who don’t smoke, with people who are parents, and discourage smoking. After three days the nicotine goes out of your bloodstream and you’ll experience a few days of withdrawal. So plan those days with non-smokers. Volunteer for spending time with old folk or in any place where smoking is not allowed.

Buy Some New Stuff

Go out and shop for new clothes that no longer smell of cigarettes and promise to yourself you’ll never smoke dressed in those great smelling outfits.

Look Back to the Root of Your Bad Habit

Look back and see what made you smoke so much. It might have been related to drinking alcohol, or you might have used to smoke more when you were anxious. Fix those issues, and you’re on your way to quitting smoking for good.



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