5 Impressive Ways to Avoid Headaches

5 Impressive Ways to Avoid Headaches

Headaches are one of the most widely encountered bodily ailments that people face nowadays. There are many reasons for which people experience headaches, and some of them are serious. If you’ve been experiencing severe episodes accompanied by other symptoms such as fever or nausea, you should go see your doctor as soon as possible. If that’s not the case, here are five simple ways to avid minor headaches.
1. Drink more water
Minor dehydration is the number one reason for which most non-severe headaches occur. The truth is that many people nowadays forget to properly hydrate their bodies. If you start drinking more water and maintain appropriate hydration levels, you will notice that your headaches will diminish.
2. Consume less caffeine
We, the people living in the modern world, just love drinking coffee, as well as consuming a wide array of secondary caffeine products. But an excess of caffeine can lead to minor headaches, so it’s better to cut back on the caffeine if you don’t want your head to hurt so much and so often.
3. Drink alcohol with moderation
Drinking alcohol can lead to headaches even if you’re not generally hungover. So if you like to dabble in the occasional drinking spree, make sure to drink with moderation and avoid headache-prone beverages such as red wine.
4. Fasting is not good for your head
…at least when it comes to causing headaches. When you’re extremely hungry, a side effect can be a nasty headache, and we all know this even without fasting. So imagine what happens when you abstain from eating altogether. If you don’t want your head to hurt, just don’t.
5. Folate-rich foods decrease headaches
Another way to make sure that you won’t get headaches anymore is ingest more folate-rich foods. These are legumes, seeds and even eggs.


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