40% Of The Cases Of Male Infertility Occur Due To Unknown Causes

40% Of The Cases Of Male Infertility Occur Due To Unknown Causes

Regular monitoring of the reproductive health of men would detect alterations that, if not treated in time, would become irreversible. Between 30% and 50% of men have a semen of a quality lower than the standard parameters set by the World Health Organization. Even more, about 40% of the cases of male infertility occur due to unknown causes.

The Male Infertility Risk Factors

Currently, 15% of men are infertile and, among them, 40% of cases are due to unknown causes, 15% is due to some genetic disorder linked to a fertility problem, and 30% are patients present altered semen without genetic cause, according to the doctors.

Environmental and lifestyle factors are causing cases of male reproductive failure to increase and early detection is the most important factor to avoid it.

With a periodic control of the reproductive health, the men could avoid some conditions that expose to infertility. Even more, some of these conditions can become irreversible if not treated in time.

Tips to maintain an optimal seminal quality

  • No more smoking – For a long time, it has been shown, in numerous studies, the harmful effect of tobacco, which affects almost all aspects of our health, including reproductive health. Nicotine can cause the fragmentation of the DNA information in sperm, thus conditioning the integrity of the genetic material;
  • Avoid the excess of alcohol – The amount of alcohol consumed affects the quality and quantity of sperm since it influences the production of testosterone, responsible for the creation of sperm. A high alcohol consumption also reduces the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), the protein responsible for regulating certain hormones such as testosterone.
  • Avoid long hot baths – A 2007 study by conducted at the University of California revealed that long exposure of the testicles to hot water could negatively influence the production and mobility of sperm;
  • Do not wear tight underwear – Tight underwear causes a lowered blood flow at the level of the testicles and penis, thus can cause erectile dysfunctions and even infertility;
  • Opt for a healthier diet and physical activity – Low-fat foods rich in nutrients, especially zinc, calcium, and magnesium are beneficial for the health of the reproductive system in men. Also, physical activity, such as fitness can be beneficial as it is improving the blood circulation and enhance the testosterone secretion;

In conclusion, recent studies showed infertility in men is a real problem, nowadays, and, surprisingly, 40% of the cases of male infertility occur due to unknown causes.


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