4 beneficial effects by getting rid of Alcohol

4 beneficial effects by getting rid of Alcohol

Excessive drinking can lead to serious health problems. Alcoholism can cause life-threatening illnesses such as liver and kidney disease. Moreover, there are studies proving that moderate consumption of beverages may increase the risk of certain cancers. Also, drinking alcohol can affect your mood and memory, it can thicken your waist, and when consumed for a long time can cause mental illness.

If all of this did not impress you, there are many other benefits you can have if you remove the alcohol from your life.

Nutritionalist Sally Norton reveals four reasons to quit alcohol!

How does your life change after alcohol dropout?

1. Soothing sleep

A glass of wine can help us sleep, but over time, it can actually cause insomnia. A study by the University of Medicine in Missouri reveals that the use of alcohol as a somnifer for a long time can affect the quality of sleep.

So it would be preferable to replace the glass of alcohol with a tea or a scented bath.

2. Lose weight

Although we don’t realize, alcohol contains many calories. 

In fact, a consumer gathers 2,000 calories/month only from wine, which means that a bigger glass has about 185 calories, unless we add the foods we serve late in the night or the fat cakes we join at alcoholic beverages.

3. Healthy skin

The alcohol you consume can dehydrate your skin, leaving it dry and sensitive. It might also give you Asian flush, the red face after as little as one standard drink.

Over time, over-consumption of alcohol can have long-lasting effects on the skin, as it may lack certain vitamins and nutrients. Moreover, many dermatologists believe that rosacea or psoriasis can often be amplified by drinking alcohol, so it recommends reducing the amount of alcohol to avoid the occurrence of rash.

4. Money saved

Although you will not feel too much at first, if you give up a few bottles of wine, you can save some money during the year, which you can spend on shopping or on a holiday.


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