10 Christmas Gifts That Your Healthy Friends And Family Actually Want

10 Christmas Gifts That Your Healthy Friends And Family Actually Want

Christmas is right around the corner and you haven’t made up your mind about the present for your friend that is a fitness maniac? Well, it’s not that difficult to find the perfect gift and you’ll see what we mean. We’ve added 10 items to our Christmas list that every health lover would like getting it as a present.

Balance Ball Stool

If you’re not on a budget, then you should get them a Balance Ball Stool (Gaiam) which is a hybrid between an exercise ball and a chair. It can be used at a desk to exercise while working at their home office.


This goes for the gym maniac and also for the healthy eater that loves smoothies, frozen fruit, soups and everything that can be turned into powder – like chia seeds or oatmeal, or into a mush.

Eye Masks

A soft eye mask is amazing to sleep with it on your face. They come filled with cotton and have a silk cover, some even have a lavender scent. These masks are great for when you travel or when you just want to chill after a tough day.

Grid Foam Roller

Get a great massage anytime and anywhere with this roller that will ease aches or soreness and boost your blood circulation. A gym rat like your friend definitely needs it!


If your friend likes gadgets and sports, then he needs a smartwatch. It will log workouts, monitor their heart rates, the calories they burned and obviously, it will also tell the time. They’re great to wear anytime and are versatile enough to be helpful even at the office, having a lot of other useful features.

Sports Armband/Waist Belt

If your friend is all about running/jogging, then you must know that a sports armband or a waist belt will be of great use. They can store inside some cash, their phone, a credit card and anything that might be essential, without having to carry a bag.

Water Bottle

Get your friend a nice water bottle that they can take to the gym. You can find all sorts of printed bottles or have them personalized.


If your friend doesn’t have much equipment at home, then they definitely need some weights to work with when they can’t go to the gym. Here there are a lot of choices and they can vary in prices, depending on what you’re getting: ankle sand weights, stainless steel dumbbells, kits with different weights and so on.

Wireless Earphones

The best workout sessions include good music and your friend might need some wireless earphones that will not interfere with their constant movements.

Yoga mat

A yoga mat is a great gift to motivate your friend to spend more time exercising and you won’t even have to break the bank for this gift. You can find them in a lot of colors or patterns too.


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