Young Woman Born Without a Vagina Requires Surgery for a Normal Life

Young Woman Born Without a Vagina Requires Surgery for a Normal Life

Kaylee Moats is a young woman, working as a graphic designer. She is only 22 and she is not leading a complete and full life, as she suffers from a condition called Mayer Rokitansky Küster Hauser syndrome (MRKH). The syndrome is that she has no cervix, womb and vaginal opening.

When She Was 18, Kaylee Discovered She Had MRKH

Kaylee is now 22 years old and she wasn’t to feel more like a woman, so she could have a family in the future. She has a boyfriend for about 7 months and they couldn’t be fully intimate. Robbie Limmer understands her condition and stands by her, nevertheless.

Kaylee knew something was wrong with her body when she saw her menstruation won’t start.

She is eager to have a vagina, so she can finally experience having sex. Kaylee is also a bit nervous, and she said she doesn’t know what would happen ‘down there or if it’s going to hurt.’

Although she doesn’t have cervix, womb and vaginal opening, she has ovaries. She experienced sharp pain in her ovaries sometimes and she said that she ovulates like a normal woman, but it all gets dissolved into her ovaries instead of releasing the ovules.

The Vaginoplasty is Not Covered by Kaylee’s Insurance

For Kaylee to get a vaginal surgery, called vaginoplasty, she has to pay £12,000. The intervention is considered a cosmetic surgery, and will not be covered by her insurance. She argues that she doesn’t need the surgery for cosmetic reasons or that it is not a gender altering.

Her sister created a Go Fund Me page to raise the amount and so far they have gathered £3,000 and Robbie keeps donating £40 from his monthly paychecks. Even though Kaylee will have a vagina, she will not be able to carry a child, as she doesn’t have a womb. But her sister offered to be a surrogate for Kaylee. She also considered adopting in the future.

Kaylee wants other people with MRKH know that they are not alone in this world.


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