You Might Pay More For Insurance If You Refuse The COVID Vaccine

You Might Pay More For Insurance If You Refuse The COVID Vaccine

America’s vaccination rate is at 60% at the moment and according to health officials that is not enough to stop the spread of diseases. Moreover, states with low vaccinations rates are now dealing with Coronavirus outbreaks. Those who decide not to take the COVID vaccine might deal with some new unwanted consequences beyond the risk of disease.

It’s important to consider the costs of getting hospitalized with Covid in the US. Insurance companies now no longer want to cover those costs for those who refused to get the vaccine. The proposed deductible is very high, which could prove to be a financial burden for the average person with an expensive medical bill.

Over 97% of the people who were hospitalized had not been vaccinated. While vaccines do not keep COVID away from you, they will help keep your symptoms mild and greatly reduce your chances of being hospitalized. Why, when a government-recommended vaccine is free and protects your health, should insurance companies financially punished for your denial? That is the logic behind the decision of many such companies.

What is more, in the future those unvaccinated might even expect some penalities from their insurance companies. It is already common practice for some insurers not to cover expenses caused by what is classified as risky behavior by the company. It is, in effect, a Catch-22: if you fail to take required action to manage your risk profile, you run the risk of being denied coverage when something happens which is related to your condition – even if it isn’t caused by something you actually did.

Given the recent outbreaks and the increasing number of restrictions, we might see the vaccination rate rise in the near future. Moreover, given the newest changes in insurance policies, if patients think about the financial and other costs of getting vaccinated, they may realize that they really want to be protected after all.

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