Woman Is Now Cancer-Free Despite Being Told She Only Has Four Years Left To Live

Woman Is Now Cancer-Free Despite Being Told She Only Has Four Years Left To Live

Heidi Loughlin, a 35-year-old woman from Bristol has been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. It all began when she noticed a rash while she was breastfeeding one of her children. These events took place in 2015 and she soon discovered that it was an aggressive breast cancer.

Doctors said that she had only had four years left to live. She decided not to choose chemotherapy because she was three months’ pregnant at the time.  However, Heidi did not give up and she tried to find other solutions. Finally, the woman decided to try Kadcyle, a revolutionary drug for cancer that usually manages to buy the average patient at least 9 extra months of life.

Heidi is now cancer free

After trying this alternative, Heidi began to feel better. The mother of two was tested recently and it appears that she is cancer- free. “Knowing what it feels like to say goodbye, the thought of having to go through that again is absolutely unbearable. I can dare to dream that I’ll be here for a really long time. I’m only 35, I feel great. The world’s my oyster now,” concluded Heidi.

Her success became just another proof for the efficiency of the drug. However, Kadcyla is not yet available everywhere. Breast Cancer Now was behind the desperate pleas to make the drug available, launching an urgent petition in December 2016 after it was provisionally rejected by NICE, despite the fact that it was already available in Germany, France, Australia and Canada.

Heidi has also started a blog where she talks openly about her experience with cancer and how “Kadcyla is the drug that is keeping me alive.”She also added that the drug stopped the evolution of cancer and she now has a normal life.

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