Whitening Strips Could Damage Teeth, New Report Showed

Whitening Strips Could Damage Teeth, New Report Showed

Teeth whitening is one of those industries that produce billions of dollars with Americans. And this industry will expand by 2024 with $ 7.4 billion, and $ 1.4 billion spent by Americans for whitening and bleaching away the stains from coffee, cigarettes, red wine, aging, and other factors. The problem occurs when those whitening strips used by many of us, could be damaging teeth’s surface.

Let’s Understand How Our Teeth Are Made

First of all, our teeth have three layers:

  • The first layer is the outer white enamel;
  • The second layer is underlying dentin composed of proteins (collagen);
  • And the third layer is the pulp in the center which houses nerves, blood vessels and connects the tooth with our gums;

So, from those three layers, the one that it’s affected by the whitening product is the dentin layer.

What Has the Study on Whitening Strips Revealed?

Kelly Keenan, an associate professor of chemistry at Stockton University, had led the study on extracted human teeth from cadavers. On those teeth, Keenan had used the whitening strips, respected the instruction from the manufacturer and applied for one hour. Artificial saliva was added, and after that, they were washed.

Moreover, the results showed the level of collagen remaining in the dentin layer at the whitened teeth, compared to a group of unbleached teeth, and a set of teeth bleached three times. The teeth whitened with strips had less collagen, but those whitened three times had much smaller amounts of collagen.

However, the American Dental Association is considering the teeth whitening products safe and effective for all the layers of the tooth. On the other hand, scientists are stating that whitening strips come with side effects like increased tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. Before trying any whitening strips ask your dentist and keep in mind to purchase those products that have the American Dental Association’s seal of acceptance.

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