What Foods You Should Avoid If You’re on Metformin

What Foods You Should Avoid If You’re on Metformin

It’s time to step into the world of pharmaceutical solutions, where Metformin stands tall as a versatile player! This medication works both independently and in collaboration with partners such as insulin, making it a crucial contender against the challenges of type 2 diabetes. This condition is well-known to involve a glitch in insulin use, leading to dangerously high blood sugar levels.

Metformin belongs to the biguanides group of medications, known for their knack for regulating metabolic processes. With its chemical finesse, Metformin is able to take on the role of a conductor, harmonizing the body’s insulin and glucose interplay. The medication’s actions quell the rise of blood sugar levels, creating a balanced metabolic performance.

Experts recommend you to be careful with food while taking Metformin

It’s recommended to be careful with what you eat while you’re under treatment with Metformin. Let’s find out more! The medication doesn’t come with a strict “do-not-eat” list, but it’s wise to keep an eye on your food choices to sidestep or minimize potential side effects. Usually, you need to give the cold shoulder to dishes that lean toward the high-fat, sugary, and calorific end of the spectrum:

  • The sweet sirens of simple and refined carbs that send your blood glucose on a rollercoaster. This rogue’s gallery includes white bread, pasta, soda, candy, desserts, and white rice.
  • Wave goodbye to foods that proudly pack in saturated and trans fats.
  • Keep your sodium intake in check, too.
  • When it comes to alcohol, less is more. Imbibing in excess not only elevates the risk of low blood sugar but also cozies up to the ominous lactic acidosis (meaning a tag team between alcohol and Metformin that leads to lactic acid build-up). Sipping alcohol on an empty stomach can also dip your blood sugar, which is particularly dicey for those using insulin or other diabetes meds. Moderation is the best approach – a daily drink for women and two for men keeps the balance, but sometimes opting out might be the better choice.
  • The sultry allure of grapefruit juice might be tempting, but you should steer clear. Animal studies have hinted at a potentially sour outcome – more lactic acid and unwanted weight gain.
  • Snacking, usually a safe haven, has a catch. Those seemingly “healthy” options, such as granola bars and fruit snacks, might be sugar-laden traps.

So, while Metformin doesn’t veto any particular food, you should keep these dietary musings in mind as they could make your journey alongside the medication smoother.


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