What are the benefits to a pharmacy to have a medical grade freezer?

What are the benefits to a pharmacy to have a medical grade freezer?

Hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies all rely on cold storage units so that the drugs and vaccines within them stay usable. Medical-grade freezers create perfect conditions to extend the shelf-life of medicines. However, some people tend to try and cut costs and buy cheaper fridges like the ones found in households, but these do not create the right environment for medical supplies. It can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars if these doses are not kept correctly. Here is a little advice on why you should invest in a medical-grade freezer if you run a pharmacy or medical center. 

Reliable cold temperatures 

Using medical-grade appliances is crucial to creating a reliable cold atmosphere for medical supplies. Medical supply chains require temperature-controlled storage areas and distribution tactics that protect blood transfusions, biological materials, and vaccines. It has been reported that healthcare clinics lose up to $20 million due to cold-chain failures. This translates to around 35% of doses being discarded or dumped all because the temperatures were not maintained correctly. This is why it is important to have a medical-grade freezer to protect them.

Temperature monitoring systems

Accurate temperature monitoring systems are essential for any medical healthcare service. Everyone has always had that feeling that their fridge is not at the temperature it says that it is. This may result in you losing some food produce. This is much worse if you are holding millions of dollars’ worth of medicinal supplies. Medical-grade freezers however come with digital data loggers that provide accurate and up-to-date temperature monitoring information. Even better than this, they have alert systems that will notify you if the fridge is not working correctly or is not at the right temperature.

Better airflow

Household refrigerators tend to have glass shelves that prevent the air from circulating around the fridge. This kind of design protects food, but it cannot maintain a temperature for a long period of time. This kind of unstable environment would not be suitable for biological materials or vaccines. Medical-grade freezers are designed to have better airflow by relying on fan-forced circulation with air-cooling vents. This works best when the fridge is not overcrowded and so pharmacies need to ensure that they are careful with their storage techniques.

They prevent unauthorized access 

Medical refrigeration systems can protect their goods because they are often built with purpose-built locks to discourage people from going into them all of the time. The last thing that any hospital or medical facility wants is for people or staff to be opening the fridges at any given opportunity. It can help them lose their regulated temperatures. This is why they are so essential when they are looking after vaccines or medicines.

Medical Freezers

Medical refrigerators are some of the most important pieces of equipment for any medical facility. They can save you thousands of dollars as long as they are properly maintained. They are vital for any protection of medicines and vaccines.

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