Vaping Causes High Blood Pressure And Heart Rate In Young Adults

Vaping Causes High Blood Pressure And Heart Rate In Young Adults

A recent study is showing that the electronic devices designated for vaping might increase the risk of spikes in blood pressure and a higher heart rate at a younger age than usual. Up until now, the researchers have focused on determining the impact that traditional cigarettes have on our health. The issue concerning e-cigarettes has not been widely considered as a regular habit.

Regular cigarettes are responsible for increasing the blood pressure, alongside the heart rate. In addition to this, they lower the activity of the sympathetic nerve, which is responsible for responding when changes in the blood pressure occur.

Joshua Gonzalez and his researchers’ team at the Michigan Technological University have decided to provide insights into the development of e-cigarettes according to our body.

Vaping is more dangerous than regular smoking

The study was performed on 20-year-old-people who were non-smoker as well. They participated in a couple of 10-minutes vaping sessions, which were scheduled with a month gap between each other. The participants utilized a cigarette with nicotine during the first session and without nicotine during the last one.

The researchers measured the blood pressure of each participant before the vaping session and after they took a 10-minutes break to recover. In addition to this, data was collected during the vaping sessions regarding the heart rate and the blood pressure.

During the vaping time, the blood pressure and the heart rate increased at a high degree, and after the recovery period, the heart rate regained its average well-being, while blood pressure remained the same.

No changes in the cardiovascular system were reported while the subject was using the nicotine-free-cigarette, as per a paper published in The FASEB Journal in April. Therefore, the researchers understood that the e-cigarettes containing nicotine would be hazardous for the blood pressure of non-smokers. The analyzers underlined that these findings are even more alarming because electronic cigarettes are marketed to young adults as a healthier alternative to smoking.


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