Top Most Precise Blood Pressure Monitors For Your Home

Top Most Precise Blood Pressure Monitors For Your Home

Electronic tensiometers or blood pressure monitors are devices that are mandatory if you suffer from hypertension or other types of tension disturbances. An electronic tensiometer is able to measure systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and pulse rate. In other words, this device allows you to keep blood pressure under control, to discover the alarming evolutions and to see the effectiveness of the medication.

Here are the 6 best blood pressure monitors for your home

Omron 10 Series Wireless Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor

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Probably the best electronic tensiometer in terms of quality/price ratio, the Omron 10 blood pressure monitor is a wireless arm tensiometer capable of displaying blood pressure, heart rate, and it is also indicating if the armband is incorrectly wrapped.

In addition, you will find the exact time and the blood pressure measurements on the monitor. Among other things, this electronic tensiometer registers up to 100 readings and comes with a free Android and iOS app.

Another reason why the Omron electronic tensiometer is known as the best blood pressure monitor is how the data is displayed on the screen. The digits are very large, they are easy to read, and are displayed instantly.

Panasonic EW3109 Portable Blood Pressure Monitor

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First of all, for a precise blood pressure measurement, you need an arm tensiometer, as are those used in hospitals. The tension measured at the wrist is simply not as precise regardless of the device used.

At the same time, Panasonic is one of the best companies in this field, and when it comes to buying a tensiometer you have to take into account the precision of the manufacturer.

Panasonic EW3109 gives accurate measurements of your blood pressure, therefore it is one of the best blood pressure monitors.

Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor for Apple and Android

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All you have to do is put the cuff on your arm and connect it to your iOS or Android device via the tensiometer’s app.

Choose between a single measurement or an average measurement based on the doctor’s recommendation. The equipment will instantly show you measurements of systolic, diastolic, and heartbeat measurements.

Your results will be automatically stored on your smartphone, in the Withings’s app.

Share your results with your doctor, comfortably, directly from home. Just press a button on the Withings application to send up-to-date information and get tips.

Balance BP Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff Kit 

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This tensiometer is FDA-approved and it is the most recommended one by doctors in the USA. Balance BP Monitor has a wired armband connected to an LCD monitor which displays the measurements in large white digits on a relaxing blue background.

The device allows to track records for 2 different users and comes with 2-years warranty.

The only issue with it is that the monitor is not very user-friendly for those who are not really tech-savvy.

LotFancy Blood Pressure Monitor

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The LotFancy electronic tensiometer is CE-certified and FDA-approved and it is considered to be 100% accurate. It has a wired armband connected to a large classical LCD display monitor which is capable of storing data of up to 4 people in a limit of 30 entries for each.

This blood pressure monitor is also alerting you when your heart beats are abnormal and compares and shows you how your measurements present in comparison to those that are normal.

iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor for Apple and Android

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Specially designed for Apple devices, iHealth tensiometer is wireless and doesn’t have a monitor to show measurements but is directly connecting to its specific iOS app via Bluetooth.

The iHealth tensiometer comes in a wristband version and an armband version which, at its turn, comes in two different size versions. It is advertised as a very accurate electronic tensiometer.

iHealth is compatible with iPhone 4 and higher and iPad 2 and higher and it is, indeed, one of the best blood pressure monitors.


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