Top 6 Marketable Healthcare Careers You Should Consider Today

Top 6 Marketable Healthcare Careers You Should Consider Today

There are many different careers in the healthcare industry to consider these days. With the Baby Boomer population getting older and requiring more medical care, the demand for healthcare professionals is higher than ever before. If you’re looking for a highly marketable career and in high demand, you should consider one of the following six professions:

Family Nurse Practitioner

As the population ages, the demand for primary care services will continue to grow. A qualified family nurse practitioner can provide many of the same services as a traditional doctor, including diagnosing and treating illnesses, ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests, and prescribing medication. This is a career path you will want to take if you’re looking for job security, and are more interested in working with families rather than in a hospital setup.

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

This is a great career choice if you’re passionate about working with children and families. Pediatric nurse practitioners provide comprehensive care to infants, children, and adolescents. They can diagnose and treat common childhood illnesses, order and interpret diagnostic tests, and prescribe medication.

Emergency Medical Technician

If you’re looking for a career in healthcare that is fast-paced and constantly changing, then you should consider becoming an emergency medical technician (EMT). EMTs are the first responders to medical emergencies. They provide care and transport patients to the hospital. EMTs will be deployed to the scene to provide care and stabilize the patient if an accident occurs.

However, as an EMT, you’re limited on the amount of help you can give to a patient as EMTs aren’t allowed to perform any treatment that breaks the skin. Advanced care is left for paramedics who are better trained to handle it.


If becoming an EMT is too limiting for your liking, you could go for advanced studies and training to become a paramedic. With additional training in advanced life support, paramedics can administer medication and perform invasive procedures, such as intubation and CPR. Paramedics work closely with physicians and other healthcare team members to provide care for patients with life-threatening medical conditions. While the job of a paramedic can be stressful, it is also gratifying as you know you are making a difference in people’s lives, besides earning well from the job.


As the prevalence of obesity and chronic diseases continue to rise, there is an increasing demand for nutritionists. Nutritionists are experts in food and nutrition who help people make healthy dietary choices. They work with individuals and groups and can be employed in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, clinics, schools, businesses, and government agencies. While a bachelor’s degree in nutrition is the minimum requirement to become a nutritionist, many employers prefer to hire those with a master’s degree.

Mental Health Counselor

Mental health cases are on the rise. There is a growing demand for counselors who can support patients suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and other mental health conditions.

A career in mental health counseling offers opportunities to work with patients of all ages in various settings, such as schools, hospitals, private practices, and community centers. You can become a mental health counselor and help patients lead happier, healthier lives with the proper training and credentials.Whether you’re just starting your healthcare career or looking for a change, these are great options to consider.


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