Tips for Making the Most of Your FSA card

Tips for Making the Most of Your FSA card

Health savings accounts (HSAs) and flexible spending accounts (FSAs) can be a saving grace for employers who would otherwise be personally responsible for all their medical expenses. While HSA account holders can roll over their funds from one year to the next, FSA funds expire at the end of every year. While there are some company plans that provide employees with a grace period, it is always good to know how you can spend your money before it expires. Although you can use your funds on prescription meds and doctor’s appointments, there are actually many other eligible items and services that you may not be aware of.
Buy Some Over-the-Counter Items
If you managed to get through the year without frequent doctor or dentist visits you might have some FSA funds available to spend. There are a number of over-the-counter (OTC) items like pain medication and vitamins that can be bought using your FSA credit. In fact, you can stock up an entire first aid kit with FSA purchases. Popular choices include aspirin, hand sanitizer, allergy pills, antibacterial ointments, bandages, and antiseptic agents.  If you are busy preparing for a holiday or business trip, you can put your FSA funds to good use by stocking up on essentials such as motion sickness medication, sunscreen, orthopedic neck pillows, compression socks, and a first aid kit.
Invest in Some Handy Gadgets
If you have a considerable amount of money to use up in a short space of time, have a look at the high-tech health-related gadgets that can be purchased with FSA funds. If you have acne, a light therapy treatment device may be a good investment while a smart blood pressure monitor can be of great help to someone who is hypertensive. You can even become the proud owner of vibrating nausea relief bands or high-tech white noise machines to help combat your insomnia. If you are an active person who has to contend with periodic injuries, why not spend your funds on a massage gun that can aid in recovery and rehabilitation. As long as you can prove that the items you want to buy are for medical purposes and not recreational use, you shouldn’t have any difficulty in buying the items you want.
Improve your Quality of Sleep
If you are one of the approximately 70 million Americans battling to get a good night’s sleep, you should consider using your FSA funds to improve the situation. There is a large variety of over-the-counter sleeping aids including conventional and herbal medication and sleep masks that can be purchased with FSA funds. Larger purchases such as air purifiers, vaporizers, bed warmers, weighted blankets, and air filters are also covered by FSA although you might need your medical practitioner to motivate how your purchases can benefit a medical condition. With winter approaching, you may even want to stock up on some night-time cold and flu medications that will help you get better while also ensuring you get a good night’s rest. 
FSA funds typically expire at the end of every year. Luckily, there are many ways to finish the available funds before losing them.

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