This is The Best Time to Go to Bed

This is The Best Time to Go to Bed

Due to technological advances and our modern lifestyles, people usually have a lot of gadgets and entertaining sources in their homes. After a stressful day at work, most of us would like to unwind in front of the TV or chat with our friends. However, sometimes our after-work habits can interfere with our bedtime curfew.

Experts believe that we have an internal body clock, which we should listen to and associate it with our sleeping habits. According to a research study with over 88,000 participants, when we synchronize our sleep with our internal body clock, we reduce our risk of developing heart attacks and strokes. It can even help regulate our blood pressure.

Poor Sleeping habits affect our health

The UK Biobank cohort study analyzed the sleeping patterns of many volunteers and determined that poor sleeping habits trigger cardiovascular problems. The team of researchers behind the study monitored the volunteers for over six years. The volunteers had to wear a wristwatch device that detected when they would go to bed and wake up.

Going to bed late increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases

According to the study, around 3.000 adult volunteers developed cardiovascular diseases. Either most of them went to bed earlier than 10 pm or later than 11 pm. Researchers determined that the best time to go to bed at night is between 10 to 11 pm. However, the same health experts comment that sleep is not the only factor influencing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Our lifestyle, dietary habits, genetics, physical activity are among a series of factors that can increase or decrease the risk. Moderation in our diet, health checks, staying active, going to bed around 10 pm, and engaging in physical activities seem to be the best things to protect ourselves from strokes and heart attacks.


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