The Real Benefits Of Sleep On The Brain Cells Finally Unveiled By Scientists

The Real Benefits Of Sleep On The Brain Cells Finally Unveiled By Scientists

Sleep plays a pivotal role in the life of most animals, even more so for humans. An animal sleeping seems to to be a defenseless prey, but sleep is so vital that the risks are taken. A natural question arises: why is sleep that important for us? And, even more, what are the real benefits of sleep on the brain cells?

A vast amount of research notes that sleep is essential for a healthy body and mind. Some studies suggest that high-quality sleep will play an important role when it comes to the health of the vascular system. Other studies note that sleep is essential for the efficiency of the immune system, protecting us from a wide selection of metabolic afflictions, including diabetes.

According to official statistics, the average human will spend almost a third of their life on sleep. While we are sleeping the body is completely unaware of its surroundings, which predisposes us to a large number of hazards.

Scientists unveiled the real benefits of sleep on the brain cells

A study conducted by Israeli researchers from Bar-Ilan University suggests that the sleep is able can regenerate brain cells. The researchers observed zebrafish, which are often by scientist since their genetic structure is quite similar to that of humans, as almost 70 % of the human genes can be identified in their DNA.

The team employed 3D-lapse imaging, which allowed them to observe how sleep can affect individual neurons. By using high-resolution images, the researchers were able to find how protein and DNA interacted within brain cells.

The study revealed that individual neurons could repair the nucleus, which is the core of each cell, during sleep. As the nucleus starts to fall apart, the DNA information will be compromised leading to diseases and complications that could have severe consequences in the long run.

The study has also concluded that these maintenance operations cannot be fulfilled while the body is awake since the levels of chromosomes dynamics are considerably lower. Since these processes play an essential role in the well-being of the organism, it is no wonder that even animals will sleep out in the open.


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