The New Coronavirus Reached Canada, Health Officials Warned

The New Coronavirus Reached Canada, Health Officials Warned

Less than one month since the first time it was detected, the new killing virus has made dozens of victims. The official number of people affected is over 800. That means it has doubled in less than one week. Still, WHO (the World Health Organization) doesn’t consider it a global health crisis. And maybe they are right, considering that influenza kills 290,000 to 350,000 each year.

Canada also seems to be more relaxed with concern to the virus. Five suspicious cases flew from China to Quebec. China is the origin country of the virus. Canadian officials react differently to the rest of the world. They won’t use scanners in the airports, and they don’t recommend the use of face masks as they don’t consider possible for an outbreak to occur there.

China, instead, quarantined the city of central Wuhan (the source of the outbreak of infection) and large areas surrounding it. Big companies around the world recommended their employees not to travel to China.

Coronavirus Reached Canada

The health officials in Canada have their arguments: they say masks don’t protect the people who are not infected, and scanners cannot depict infected people. Scanners are used to measure body temperature. The incubation period of the virus is assumed to be two weeks, so people won’t experience a fever before the incubation is ended. They had the same experience in 2003, with a similar SARS virus, when the scanners couldn’t depict any sick person.

They have a different strategy: education through accountability. They consider essential to educate people who travel to self-report to border officers if they experience any of the symptoms consistent with the virus, especially if they had traveled to China. Cough, heavy breathing, and fever are the common symptoms of any type of flue, including the new virus.

Is Canada right, and all the countries that took measures – the US, China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines – exaggerate? Or Canada is being ignorant?

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