The harmful effects of air conditioning on the skin

The harmful effects of air conditioning on the skin

Be careful at exposure to air conditioning in the warm season. The cold air flow can excessively dry your skin. Therefore, dermatologists recommend reapplying creams or spraying special water to avoid unpleasant scratches.

In the extreme seasons – winter and summer – we are subject to weather conditions that inevitably lead to drying the skin.

It is time when the so-called skin barrier loses its skills, the skin is no longer elastic, starts to defend itself much weaker than when it was hydrated.

A dry skin is more exposed to the destructive effect of ultraviolet. They cause continuous dehydration. In addition, do not be fooled by the fact that you sweat a lot and your skin is covered with water. It’s also a dehydration phenomenon.

In summer, the heat causes these sweating phenomena by which the skin loses water. In addition, air conditioning is one of the recognized factors that dries the skin very hard.

So the skin dries to the maximum also inside and the skin remains again without the hydro-lipid barrier.

If we stay for a long time in a closed space, we beed to have a spray with us. There are sprays with tempting waters. This way, spraying is done 2-3 times a day.

In addition, when you start the day, don’t leave home without applying moisturizing creams. Here’s what they must contain!

They contain besides the substrate that helps in hydration also substances that protect us from the ultraviolet effect.

It’s good to be dermatological, to also contain thermal water, and vitamins – vitamin E in particular and vitamin A – and of course lipids: glycerin and possibly allantoin.


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