The First Canadian Face Transplant Concluded Successfully

The First Canadian Face Transplant Concluded Successfully

A 64-year-old man who was severely disfigured during a hunting accident that occurred in 2011 went through the first Canadian face transplant in May this year, concluded successfully after 30 hours of surgical intervention by the surgeons from Montreal’s Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital. A report on this achievement, as well as a press conference, was carried out earlier.

More than 100 professionals collaborated to the first Canadian face transplant

The team of doctors, headed by the plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Borsuk, performed the surgery on Maurice Desjardins and stated that this one is not only the first Canadian face transplant, but he is also the oldest patient in the world to receive a new face.

“This delicate operation is the result of years of concerted, meticulous work by an incredible team and the incredible bravery and co-operation of the patient and his family,” said Dr. Daniel Borsuk who is also a professor at the University of Montreal.

The so-called first Canadian face transplant was a challenging intervention and needed the expertise of multiple specialists and the cooperation between more than 100 professionals, including doctors, nurses and other medical personnel.

The 64-year-old patient is recovered and is doing well now, five months after the intervention

The surgery wouldn’t have been possible without a donor. Luckily, the doctors managed to find one and, after obtaining his family agreement on this subject, they commenced the procedures for the first Canadian face transplant.

Recently, during a press conference, the medical experts stated that the patient is doing well and he’s now capable of breathing on his own without a tracheotomy. The patient, Maurice Desjardins, can also chew food, smell, and speak as nothing happened to him.

Since 2011 when Desjardins got disfigured by a hunting accident, the man had been living in pain and isolation even though he underwent five reconstructive surgeries.


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