The Chinese Deadly SARS-like Virus Has Reached the US

The Chinese Deadly SARS-like Virus Has Reached the US

For the third time, an animal originated virus broke the man’s kingdom. The origin is believed to be the bat, but it was not confirmed so far. Officially over 400 people were infected so far, and 9 died. In London, professor Neil Ferguson conducted a study saying the number of infected people might be around 1700 people.

The new coronavirus burst in the central city of Wuhan, in China. More specifically in the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market. The majority of the infected patients have come in contact with the named marked, but tests are still being made. Even so, over 1300 residents who either attended the market or had direct contact with the diagnosed people, are being closely monitored by national authorities in China.

The virus worked its way outside the borders in China. There are confirmed cases in Japan, Thailand, South Korea, and now the US. In Australia, there is a suspicious case of the virus, but it wasn’t confirmed yet.

The Chinese SARS-like Virus Reached the US

The research showed that the virus originates in animals, and it needs living cells in order to reproduce. It was diagnosticated among pneumonia ill patients because it causes fever, respiratory illness, and lung inflammation, this way resembling pneumonia.

Reported for the first time less than one month ago, on December 31, 2019, the virus is still a big mystery. Known data says it is the same kind of virus as SARS and MERS were. The two viruses killed over 1500 people in the two epidemics they caused in the 2000s. SARS infected more than 8,000 people, while MERS almost 2,500, and each of them killed 800 people. The agent that caused them were extremely pathogenic coronaviruses.

Also, up until a few days ago, it wasn’t sure if human to human transmission was a risk, but new cases of infection among medical workers confirm it. SARS and MERS were extremely contagious also.


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