Tequila Is Beneficial In Strengthening Bones And Osteoporosis, A New Research Concluded

Tequila Is Beneficial In Strengthening Bones And Osteoporosis, A New Research Concluded

A recent study conducted at the Center for Research and Advanced Studies, in Mexico, and published in Science Daily revealed that tequila helps humans stay healthy. More precisely, it is the blue agave, the plant from which the potent alcoholic beverage, originating in Mexico, is manufactured, which would possess therapeutic virtues, in particular, that of reinforcing the bones.

Indeed, the glycemic reserves (fructans) of this plant would make it possible to absorb better the calcium and magnesium, which are minerals essential for the maintenance of the health of the bones.

“Fructans in blue agave promote the formation of new bones, even in the presence of osteoporosis,” says Dr. Mercedes Lopez, the study’s leading author.

To reach these conclusions, Dr. Lopez’s team tested female mice that had their ovaries removed to introduce osteoporosis. The next step was to administer agave fructans in these subjects. Eight weeks later, a femur sample was taken to measure the absorption of minerals and osteocalcin, a protein that promotes calcium binding and thus bone growth.

Tequila could become a surprising alternative to common osteoporosis treatment

At the end of the experiment, the rodents synthesized nearly 50% more osteocalcin thanks to the fructans of the agave they had ingested. The diameter of the bones of these mice was also more significant than the others, the researchers note.

Dr. Lopez stated that these results could lead to the possibility of developing an alternative treatment for osteoporosis, a disease that, according to the latest statistics from the International Osteoporosis Foundation, affects 200 million people worldwide.

However, strengthening the bones is not the only therapeutic virtue associated with tequila. Also, agavines, the natural sugars contained in this plant, increase the feeling of satiety and reduce blood sugar levels.

Tequila is also one of the most dietetic alcohols, since a shot of tequila, which means about 40ml, contains on average only 60 calories, 100 less than in a glass of white wine, for example.


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