Taking MiraLAX: Can You Eat During the Treatment?

Taking MiraLAX: Can You Eat During the Treatment?

We get it: you’ve started taking MiraLAX in order to have a less stressful experience at the “throne of happiness,” and that delicious meal that your spouse has made seems to be winking at you. Having food restrictions due to certain medications you’re on can certainly be more frustrating than the last presidential elections in the US.

MiraLAX is classified as an osmotic laxative. It works by drawing water into the colon to soften the stool. The color might naturally get stimulated to contract, and these actions will help ease the person’s bowel movements.

One of the most common questions for those taking MiraLAX is if they are allowed to eat during the treatment. The answer might be a bit too complicated to grasp, and thanks to Mary Catherine’s Blog (mary-catherinerd.com), we can respond to that question.

Can you eat during MiraLAX treatment? Well, it depends

It depends on the person taking MiraLAX and the situation, which means that there’s no simple answer to the conundrum. If you eat while taking the aforementioned constipation medication, you might have to deal with diarrhea or abdominal cramping. At the same time, other individuals might be totally fine while eating under a MiraLAX treatment.

It’s recommended to avoid eating solid foods as you take MiraLAX. Instead, opt for soft foods and liquids. If diarrhea or abdominal pain kicks in, you should stop taking the medication and demand medical guidance.

What foods should you avoid during the MiraLAX treatment

If you’re having a MiraLAX treatment, there are specific foods you should avoid. Here are a few of them:

Fatty foods

It’s best to avoid consuming fatty foods such as bacon, soft cheese, potato chips, pork sausages, and more while you take MiraLAX.


Dairy products might be tasty and nurturing for the body, but you should avoid them if you’re taking MiraLAX. Therefore, it’s best to avoid cheese, milk, butter, yogurt, etc.


Foods that are high in fiber, such as apples, dried fruits, broccoli, avocados, popcorn, or beans, should also be avoided as you take MiraLAX. Otherwise, these foods can interact with the drug.


Alcohol is able to interact with Miralax and trigger some unpleasant side effects.


Sure, that hot coffee might look great in the morning, but you should avoid it if you’re taking MiraLAX. Caffeinated drinks are also able to interact with the medication and trigger side effects.

Don’t neglect the fluids!

It’s important to stay hydrated during your MiraLAX treatment. If you’re not getting enough fluids in your body, MiraLAX could cause dehydration. In other words, make sure to get plenty of fluids in your body, and water represents the best candidate. As mentioned previously, drinking alcoholic and caffeinated beverages isn’t recommended if you’re taking the constipation medication.

Since MiraLAX works by softening the stool in your body, it becomes clear why you need to have enough fluids in your body to ease the whole process.

It’s always best to ask your doctor if it’s okay for you to eat during treatment with MiraLAX. Depending on your situation and medical background, your doctor will give you the best advice. You must inform him about any other medication that you might be taking, as well as any possible symptoms and underlying medical conditions.


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