Sunlight Can Kill Coronavirus, But Not Entirely

Sunlight Can Kill Coronavirus, But Not Entirely

Coronavirus has caused the death of almost 200.000 people all over the world. At the moment, researchers are desperately trying to find a vaccine or a medication to stop the spreading of the deadly COVID-19. Fortunately, a recently published research is showing the potential of natural sunlight when it comes to killing the virus. According to the report, the sunlight contains three different types of UV radiation, and one of them has been identifying to be effective in killing COVID-19, as per a recent report.

The United States Department of Homeland Security has reported that the high temperatures and humidity levels, as well as the increased sunlight, can kill the virus present in saliva droplets that appear in the non-porous surface in the air.

Bill Brian, which is DHS Science and Technology Advisor, declared that his researchers have observed on numerous occasions, the impact of sunlight in killing the virus. When combining increased temperatures with humidity, the environment is less likely to provide a friendly environment to the virus.

Coronavirus outbreak might slow down during the summer thanks to intense sunlight, heat, and humidity

In addition to this, Bryan showed that it is way more useful to kill the deadly virus using either bleach or isopropyl alcohol, which has the potential to destroy the alcohol within five minutes. Temperature and humidity are essential factors that affect the life expectancy of COVID-19, and when given direct sunlight, the virus can no longer survive.

The UVC is the most useful component of the sunlight in destroying the virus, being effective in eliminating genetic material, whether it is in humans or any viral particles. For example, in China, the businesses already adopted the usage of UVC when sanitizing the public spaces.

In addition to this, banks are known to take this practice when disinfecting money. Therefore, the summer-like conditions are very likely to bring fewer cases of COVID-19, but stating that from now one, people can ignore the measures taken by the government since the intense sunlight is arriving would be irresponsible.

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