Strokes And Heart Attacks Double The Risks Of Dementia

Strokes And Heart Attacks Double The Risks Of Dementia

A meta-analysis study conducted by the University of Exeter in the UK indicates that people who had a stroke are two times as likely to develop dementia disorders. In this regard, Ilianna Lourida, a researcher at Exeter Medical School, explained that “the history of stroke increases the risk of dementia by 70 percent and recent strokes can more than double the risk.”

The expert also added that “improvements in stroke prevention and care after a stroke can play a key role in the prevention of dementia.”

The findings of the research indicate that the association of stroke and dementia still exists even after the other risks of dementia, including blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular illnesses, are addressed.

In drawing these conclusions, researchers have based their research on earlier studies that had established the link between stroke and dementia but had not measured the extent to which stroke raised the dementia risks.

The new study reviewed data of over 3 million people to establish the link between stroke and dementia

To understand the connection between the two better, the investigators examined 36 studies in which the subjects had already had a stroke history, involving a total of about 2 million individuals. They also analyzed 12 other studies that examined whether the participants had had a recent stroke either right before or during the research period. In total, the new study reviews the data of more than 3 million people.

David Llewellyn of Exeter University School of Medicine notes that “about a third of dementia cases are thought to be potentially preventable, although this estimate does not take into account the risk associated with stroke.”

“Our findings indicate that this figure could be even higher, and reinforce the importance of protecting the blood supply to the brain when trying to reduce the overall burden of dementia,” said David Llewellyn.

The study concluded that stroke doubles the risk of dementia.


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