Stress In Infancy Might Cause ADHD Which Is On The Rise in the US

Stress In Infancy Might Cause ADHD Which Is On The Rise in the US

Steve Biddulph, author of the best-selling Raising Boys and a renowned psychologist and parent educator, claimed that ADHD (Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity-disorder) in children might be triggered by experiencing stress in infancy.

Stress in infancy might cause ADHD

According to Biddulph, “stress at home and parents not meeting children’s needs early in life” might play a significant role in ADHD development. He presented his new conclusions in the revised edition of Raising Boys, arguing his opinions on recent studies that showed that stress is one of the leading cause for Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity-disorder.

ADHD, commonly characterized by inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness, was linked to genetic factors and chemical imbalances in the brain, until now. According to some new research studies in this direction, approximately one in 20 boys in the UK, aged between six and 12, are diagnosed with ADHD. Girls can also have ADHD but the disorder acts differently, turning girls into “daydreamers” rather than into hyperactive kids as it happens with the boys.

ADHD is on the rise across the United States

In other news, the ADHD rates are on the increase in the US, according to according to a study published Friday (Aug. 31) in JAMA Pediatrics. The research highlights that ADHD incidence surged from 6% in 1998 to more than 10% in 2016.

The study, carried out by the University of Iowa and the Shenzhen Children’s Hospital in China, analyzed the data from the National Health Interview Survey, administered by the CDC. According to the study, ADHD is more common across the United States.

However, since there is no 100% accurate test to detect ADHD and differentiate it from other possible conditions, the human factor might be involved here. That means that doctors might rather diagnose more children with ADHD, lacking other options. So, ADHD incidence, per se, might not be on the rise.

In conclusion, while stress in infancy might indeed cause ADHD in children, the ADHD incidence might not be on the rise but doctors, lacking a reliable test, might diagnose kids with this disorder by mistake.


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