Stem Cells Might Prove Useful For Enhancing Tooth Repair

Stem Cells Might Prove Useful For Enhancing Tooth Repair

Stem cells are prized in the field of medicine as they can become specialized cell types which are encountered in the body. They play an essential role as the body matures, and a team of researchers believes that they could be used for a revolutionary treatment. A group of international research believes that stem cells can be used as a new solution for tooth repair.

During the study, the researchers uncovered a new type of mesenchymal stromal cells, within a mouse incisor, which continues to grow continuously. Further research infers that they contribute to the formation of dentin, a resistant issue which surrounds the main body of a tooth. When these cells are activated, they can signal the mother cells of the tissue to increase the production of other cells with the help of a molecular gene known under the name of Dlk 1.

The study is the first one which observes and argues that Dlk 1 plays an essential role in the process. Within the same study, the team of researchers found that Dlk could enhance cell activation and tissue regeneration in the case of a model which explored wound healing.

Stem cells are also useful for developing a tooth repair solution

The potential is quite large as the experimental solution could lead to the development of treatment suitable for a variety of issues, among which we can count trauma treatment, the decay of teeth and crumble.

At this point, it is essential to keep in mind the fact that further studies are needed to validate the applications and assert the length and intensity of the treatment. According to data offered by the World Health Organization, oral diseases have prime positions among noncommunicable disease, affecting individuals during their entire lives.

Dental caries afflicts almost half of the world’s population in permanent teeth. It is hoped that the new treatments could mitigate these problems and improve the quality-of-life in the future.


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