Smoking Marijuana Led To More Than 2 Million Patients With Heart Diseases In 2016, New Research Revealed

Smoking Marijuana Led To More Than 2 Million Patients With Heart Diseases In 2016, New Research Revealed

In recent years some countries have adopted a softer stance on the use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. While marijuana is becoming more popular as the stigma is reduced, researchers strive to learn more about the cardiovascular effects of the drug.

A team of researchers has discovered that more than 2 million adults who have been diagnosed with a form of heart disease have used or continue to use marijuana. Several observational studies have argued in the past that there is a link between the popular drug and a selection of cardiovascular problems, among which we can count stroke, arrhythmia, and abnormal blood pumping.

The new data is quite impressive, especially since a large number of patients have started to quit smoking, with definite benefits being visible after a few months. According to official statistics, the number of marijuana consumers is higher than that of cigarette smokers in the U.S.

Over 2 million patients were diagnosed with heart diseases due to smoking marijuana

DEA, or the Drug Enforcement Agency, classifies marijuana as a class I drug, which means that researchers have to obtain several approvals from local, state, or federal agencies before they can conduct studies about it.

While some states have legalized the use of randomized clinical trials that could offer more data about long-time effects remain impossible due to the existing restrictions. However, researchers have the option to use real-world data to explore the results of the drug.

Within the article, the scientists mention that the number of adults who consume marijuana. However, they are affected by a cardiac issue, which could be higher since the estimation was made by using data collected between 2015 and 2016. Several states have passed new laws related to marijuana since then. It is worth pointing out that marijuana may drug, leading to increased risks for the patients. The article was published in a scientific journal.

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