Smartphones Carry Large Amounts Of Bacteria And Can Cause Acne And Skin Irritation

Smartphones Carry Large Amounts Of Bacteria And Can Cause Acne And Skin Irritation

Research suggests that a cell phone can contain up to 10 times more bacteria as compared to a public toilet, therefore a new study has been undertaken to determine how the smartphones can cause skin irritation. Accordingly, smartphones could be one of the main causes of acne. Also, the studies show that the blue light emitted by the phone’s display is harmful to our health.

Smartphones’ bacteria could cause acne and skin irritation

The minute we hold the phone to our ear and put it against our cheek, the bacteria contact the skin and blend in with the sweat, sebum, or makeup. The outcomes are skin irritations, acne, blemishes, and even premature skin aging caused by the blue light of the phones’ displays.

Dr. Estee Williams, a dermatologist and plastic surgeon from New York City, informed that even though bacteria by themselves are not sources of acne, the filth that the cell phones contain is harmful to the skin.

“When you approach your phone to your face, oils, dirt, and make-up accumulate on its surface and these substances are transferred back to your face when you pick up your cell phone again, contributing to inflammation and blockage of the pores,” agrees Dr. Joshua Zeichner from the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

Blue light emitted by smartphones’ displays is also harmful to our health

Besides acne due to the bacteria contained by our smartphones, the phones’ displays emit blue light which apparently, according to some studies, it can cause premature skin aging, among others.

Back in 2013, a study revealed that blue light has similar effects on the skin as UV radiations. Besides, more recent studies showed that besides the premature skin aging, the blue light emitted by phones, laptops, or TV can disturb sleeping patterns.

In short, more and more studies reveal that smartphones usage produces acne and skin irritations due to the fact they contain large amounts of bacteria. On the other hand, the blue light emitted by phones’ displays may cause premature skin aging as well as other disorders.


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