Sleeping On Your Side Is Beneficial For Your Health, Doctors Agree

Sleeping On Your Side Is Beneficial For Your Health, Doctors Agree

Knowing how to sleep well is essential to face the next day full of energy to successfully carry out your professional and personal daily tasks. Different health studies recommend various ways and postures to sleep better, but among these, sleeping on your side is ideal.

Although previous studies have been advising that sleeping on your back is the best posture to fall asleep, the most beneficial for your health is resting on your side. According to Joachim Maurer of the German Society of Otolaryngology, sleeping on one side is the best thing for our health.

According to the specialists, for a healthy life, you should both sleep the recommended hours and choose the right posture for your body to rest.

Sleeping on your side is beneficial for your health in many ways

The benefits of sleeping on your side can extend to the heart, brain, stomach, and respiratory system. In fact, the experts recommend that pregnant women sleep on the left side because this sleeping posture rules out possible fetal death and spontaneous abortion.

Also, for those who snore, it is recommended that they always sleep on their side. While it is true that it is difficult to change your sleeping posture habits, with time, you’ll improve the posture in which you sleep to favor your body.

Sleeping on your right side benefits the digestive system

In any case, sleeping on your right side also has benefits for the digestive system. Since the stomach is placed slightly on the left side of the body, sleeping on your right side can facilitate the movement of food from the esophagus to the side of the stomach.

The brain may also benefit from sleeping on your side because harmful substances are thought to be removed from the brain through the immune system during sleep.

In conclusion, getting a good night’s sleep, the right sleeping posture and respecting the recommended sleeping hours can make your life a lot better.


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