Sitting Down For Too Many Hours Is Harmful To Your Health

Sitting Down For Too Many Hours Is Harmful To Your Health

A sedentary lifestyle might be more harmful than we would have believed. A recent study realized by a joint team from the Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University finds that sedentary lifestyles caused 11.6 percent of the premature deaths of 2016.

According to the study, 69,276 persons died as a result of sitting down more than six hours a day. The results are concerning, especially since most people lead a sedentary life nowadays.

Are our workplaces killing us?

Most people have office jobs which require at least six hours of sitting. However, according to researchers, this isn’t the worst part. The fact that people get out of work and continue to engage in sedentary activities is what is very harmful to our health.

“Many individuals in the UK spend their leisure time in sedentary behavior, and the workplace represents a significant proportion of unavoidable daily sitting time for many people. Measures should be taken to reduce sedentary behavior with the aim of improving population health and reducing the financial burden to the health service,” reads the report.

The dangers of sitting down for too many hours

When you sit too much, you don’t use that much energy. This leads to several conditions including abnormal cholesterol levels, excess body fat, high blood sugar, increased blood pressure, obesity, and others. The risk of death from cancer and cardiovascular disease is also increased.

The study revealed that those who site down more than eight hours a day have similar risks of dying with those who suffer from obesity.

There are a couple of things that you can do in order to diminish the negative effects of sitting. For instance, try to take a break from sitting every 30 minutes. You can also try to place your work surface above a treadmill, if that is possible.


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