Simple Tips To Take Care Of Your Mental Wellbeing

Simple Tips To Take Care Of Your Mental Wellbeing

Mental illnesses constitute nearly 15% of the world’s disease and India comes up with the highest rate of mental disease in the world, according to World Health Organisation. Also, around 13.7 per cent of people in the USA had to deal with a form of mental illness between the years 2015 and 2016, as reported by National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS).

Mental diseases have a more significant prevalence in women than men; even today’s society is more comfortable speaking about mental health and less stigma, depression sticks around for decades. The factors vary, but the major reasons line up around the gender-specific risks. Outside the academic or job-related factors, women are more emotionally consumed by the problems regarding society expectations, family concerns, pregnancy, and health matters

The lockdown amplified the mental health issues, and research posted in Frontiers in Global Women’s Health outlined that women showed more depression and anxiety tendencies than men.

Mental Health Comes First

COVID-19 changed the face of the world to a no turning point. Even with the present restrictions, our life is going back to normal, and the lessons the pandemic brought in our life will stay with us for a long time. If there is something that I learn to prioritize during lockdown is the importance of mental health. Here are some bits of wisdom on achieving that, shared by Kamna Chhibber, Head Mental Health & Behavioural Sciences, Fortis Healthcare.

You Can’t Be Perfect in Every Role 

Be aware of the multitude of roles we get to fulfill in our life but never lose yourself in tasks. Ask for help and support more often in order to have more time to focus on your well-being. 

Take breaks and declutter the mass of thoughts going through your head every second. Concentrate on what your senses can perceive at the moment- what you see, taste, touch, smell, etc. Develop a problem-solving attitude toward difficult situations while keeping in touch with your emotions. Ask yourself how you truly feel more often. 

Ease those Expectations

Setting standards too high that you can barely reach(or anyone can), doesn’t make you ambitious. Being anxious and constantly unsatisfied with yourself opens the door for more mental issues in your life. 

Make sure to create to-do lists that you can check at the end of the day, set life goals that you can fulfill with a methodic plan. However, you got the point. Don’t ask too much from yourself because you will do too little in the long run. 

Speak Kindly to Yourself, Forgive your Mistakes 

Never compromise your self-care for a job or other aspects that keep you busy. Acknowledge the right amount of time for each and never stop being kind and courteous to your person. Sometimes stress and fatigue can get the worst out of you. Remember never to punish yourself when things are not perfect. 

Connect More to Your Child

If you are a parent, keep in touch with everything occurring in the life of your child or teenager. Be active in his life, ask questions about their relationships, academics, and acknowledge how they feel every day, despite the pressure of work/home and lack of time.

Give them the confidence to share everything with you by not judging their point of view. Offer information and advice in a manner they can understand and doesn’t arise an adverse reaction, such as feeling shamed. Don’t push them to open up, nag them or scold them excessively. By patiently offering your child personal freedom, you maintain an open channel of communication.

Source: How to safeguard your mental health? An expert shares how

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