Robotic Worms Could Destroy the Brain Tumors

Robotic Worms Could Destroy the Brain Tumors

Recently, Chinese researchers realized an intriguing project. They developed Robotic worms that can run through blood vessels to patients’ brains. The devices would directly eliminate the tumors, avoiding the severe side effects of traditional treatments. Brain tumors have been dubbed as the rarest diseases that brought 2 % in all cancer deaths. Approximately 700,000 Americans are facing life currently with a brain tumor. Patients generally receive radiotherapy or chemotherapy as treatments. They also encountered severe side effects.

In some cases, for example, surgery becomes an option. However, the doctor cannot eliminate the healthy layer around the tumor to avoid possible relapse. And if they are reducing too much tissue can conduct to inevitable neurological results.

The Chinese project includes some “robot worms,” which measures 1 to 3 mm and functions without batteries because they utilize an external magnetic field system.

The Chinese Project Might Revolutionize the Brain Tumor Surgery

Researchers realized the worms’ heads from a magnet of an alloy of neodymium, boron, and iron. They also got the tails from a particular composite material. To enable the device in the brain, the patient should stand still, situated in a magnetic resonance machine, to produce the same magnetic field.

Then, when it finds its way inside the body, the robot would transport drugs to the target region, dodging the side effects linked with traditional treatments. When it finishes its mission, the robot worm will exit the patient’s body on its own.

But, if brain implants are already possible, the revolution here stands in the path such devices are put into the patient’s body because currently, brain implants can only be performed through an advanced and intricate surgical method. They consequently have a short-range for integration with neurons and can only do a few necessary assignments. As the Chinese medical revolution raise, we might become witnesses at real success in medicine.


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