Revolutionary Hair Loss Treatment Invented By 81-Year Old Doctor

Revolutionary Hair Loss Treatment Invented By 81-Year Old Doctor

Dr. Giovanni Brotzu was planning to release this product earlier this year in Italy. Ever since he started working on his topical product, Dr. Giovanni Brotzu conducted some clinical trials on humans and it proved out to be a success.

It looks like the product is based on Dihomo-Gamma-Linolenic Acid — DGLA. In a market full of products that offer solutions to hair loss, you would imagine that we’ve grown skeptical when we hear about another revolutionary product to tackle the issue.

But the comments that have been made on Dr. Brotzu’s product have made us pay a closer attention.

Dr. Giovanni Brotzu Has Patents for His Products That Treat Hair Loss

Researchers have focused until now on increasing PGE2 and decreasing PGD2 to fix the issue of hair loss. Until now they wouldn’t think that PGE1 would have been a key factor too. PGE1 has some similar functions as PGE2, although it is also different from the latter.

Dr. Giovanni Brotzu has several patents, one of which is this technology, which was approved at the end of 2013. He also two other patents, one approved in the early 2013 and the other in 2015, where the main ingredient is dihomo-gamma-linolenic acid. His patents are filed under a famous pharmacy from Italy.

His product also contains a plant estrogen from equol that will block the synthesis of dihydrotestosterone from testosterone.

PGE1 Products are Drugs That Require Permissions and Experiments

Dr. Giovanni Brotzu has explained why he used DGLA in an interview. It seems that trials and permissions were necessary for a product that contained PGE1, so he had to use DGLA to get a similar effect and it would also be advantageous, as ‘the lotion ceased to be a drug that required complex experiments and permissions’.

Dr. Brotzu claims that this product will not only prevent hair loss, but it can also make a person recover over ‘5 years of hair loss’. Of course, a topical lotion that contains PGE1 will yield better results, but the doctor explained all the complications in his interview.


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