Public Health Officials Confirmed The Third Monkeypox Virus Case Across The UK

Public Health Officials Confirmed The Third Monkeypox Virus Case Across The UK

In the United Kingdom, the third case of monkeypox has been reported. Initially restricted to Africa, this deadly disease is a cause for concern across the United Kingdom.

The virus, which is of the same genus as the human smallpox virus, it can also be transmitted to humans and got its “monkeypox” name as it was initially discovered in monkeys in 1958. The disease is found in central and western Africa, affecting mostly the animals in rainforests. When an individual is affected by this monkeypox virus, the clinical manifestations are similar to those of classical smallpox.

Symptoms of monkeypox

The patient suffers from a pustular rash, fever, and respiratory problems. It is recommended to treat the virus as soon as possible because monkeypox is a fatal disease. In Africa, 1 to 10% of people who contracted the disease died from it. Additionally, because of the possible confusion between monkeypox and human smallpox, only a doctor can tell which one is affecting you.

However, the disease is no longer confined to tropical regions of Africa. Now, the third case of monkeypox has emerged in the United Kingdom.

The third case of monkeypox virus recorded in the UK

According to Public Health England, an executive agency of the UK Department of Health and Social Services, a health worker at Victoria Hospital in Blackpool was in charge of the second monkeypox patient in the country. He was transferred to the specialized unit of the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle. Eventually, the medical professional got infected with the virus.

During September 2018, the other two confirmed cases of monkeypox found in the United Kingdom were reported in people who had recently traveled to Nigeria.

Monkeypox is a virus that is easily transmitted

While the first case of human-associated monkeypox was discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1970, the other cases had been reported so far in countries in Central and West Africa. This arrival of the virus in Europe is, therefore, a severe alarm signal, mainly because the disease can easily be transmitted by air and by touch. The virus also contaminates objects, on which it lives for several hours.


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