It Has Been Proven That Antidepressants Are Really Working

It Has Been Proven That Antidepressants Are Really Working

Globally, over 300 million people suffer from depression and many of these take antidepressants to fight this disorder. The discussion of the effectiveness of antidepressants is a long one, spread over decades, but a recently conducted detailed is finally giving a clear answer to these questions – Antidepressants are far more effective than placebo in treating acute depression in adults.

All the studied antidepressants pills have been proven effective

The study was published in The Lancet and analyzed the data received from 522 controlled clinical trials in which 21 different antidepressants were tested.

116,477 women and men over 18-year-old suffering from depression were treated for at least 8 weeks.

All the medications tested by scientists have proven to be more effective in treating depressive symptoms than placebo.

Although antidepressants are useful in the treatment of depression, they are not perfect. Approximately 1/3 of people taking antidepressants treatment are not responding to it.

When the antidepressants treatment works, it takes up to 8 weeks for the treatment to give the first positive. Unfortunately, many people do not resort to either medical treatment or psychotherapy.

A recent study conducted on 240,000 people with depression has shown that only a third of them are treated in an effective way.

The study is the largest and most detailed study on antidepressants that has ever been done. The research demonstrates antidepressants effectiveness, but from here on, it remains to be extra-analyzed to find out about how drugs work by gender or age.

Antidepressants plus psychotherapy are better together

Modern psychiatrists don’t reside on only one cure. The new achievements in this field explained that depression, anxiety, and other mental and emotional disorders are better treated when antidepressants cure and psychotherapy are conducted concomitantly.

Even though the antidepressants have been proven to work in adult patients, they can cause serious addictions and related side effects, therefore the combination of drugs with psychotherapy remains the healthiest alternative.


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